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If you’ve been charged with assault, your situation is very serious. Don’t try to get through the legal process on your own.

Instead, hire an attorney from Mesenbourg & Sarratori Law Offices, P.A. We’ll make sure the courts understand your side of the story.

Call us to speak with an assault lawyer or domestic violence lawyer in Coon Rapids, MN.

Protect Your Rights

Whether you’ve been charged with assault only or domestic violence charges, the potential sentences you face are severe. Below, you can find more information about the definitions of different degrees of assault, but to really understand what you’re up against, you need to call a lawyer.

We’ll take the time to hear you out and make sure we understand every detail of your situation. Then, we’ll gather evidence to support your case so we can effectively defend you from the prosecution. First, we’ll see if there’s any way to get your case dismissed outright. Barring that option, we’ll do everything in our power to minimize any penalties you face. With expert lawyers on your side, your chances of getting a fair trial go up considerably.

You can trust our firm to do our jobs well. Our founders both have extensive experience: Mr. Mesenbourg started as a police officer, became a prosecutor, and now brings his multi-faceted knowledge of the criminal justice system to his clients’ defense. Mr. Sarratori was originally a public defender, giving him deep experience with cases like yours. We’re dedicated to defending you to the best of our abilities.

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