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  • Charged with a Crime? Feeling Cornered?

    The consequences of a criminal charge are serious. That's why getting an experienced and assertive defense team is critical. Paul Sarratori and Jerry Mesenbourg have the experience you need and will answer your call 24 hours a day.

You have questions that demand answers. Once we get your call, we will go through your legal options before moving forward with your case.

We’re Here for You. Minnesota Attorneys Will Stand by Your Side until Your Case Is Resolved

Facing jail time? Wrongfully charged in a criminal matter?

Trust in Paul Sarratori and Jerry Mesenbourg to provide experienced representation in your legal matters. We specialize in criminal defense.

As a defendant, getting a fair hearing is critical. Paul and Jerry will get you the fair hearing you deserve–and aggressively represent your case–with their professional and seasoned approach to defense.

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